Headquartered in Norfolk, UK, Raptor Aerospace provides practical training, simulation and small launch vehicles to the UK space industry in order to prepare for the UK’s orbital launch capability in the coming decade.

Raptor Aerospace are committed to assist the UK Space Industry in it’s bid to capture 10% of the global space market. Through continuous updating of training modules and launch service delivery, providing the experience and skills needed in order to achieve operational excellence.

We take great pride and satisfaction in delivering innovative products and services, INCLUDING our international projects, which assist countries in rapidly and safely developing indigenous launch capability.


Raptor Aerospace are steadfast in our safety-by-design approach which re-risks launch activities without compromising project speed or efficacy. 

Acta non verba

action over words.

"To provide efficient space access and enable global launch sector growth through exceptional training and simulation provision"


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Over 1500 rocket launches in 30 years

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Flight tests

25 flight tested vehicle designs

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Mach capability

Mach 2+ capability

R&D projects

6 active R&D projects


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