Suborbital Launch and Microgravity Services

Through its evolving range of launch vehicles and innovative microgravity solutions Raptor Aerospace is providing the space industry with commercial launch, research and testing facilities – today, and for the years ahead.

Raptor Aerospace Ltd is the leading commercial suborbital rocket company in the UK. It has an established fleet of launch vehicles capable of carrying small payloads to 15km and it has already begun flight testing vehicles that will be space capable achieving altitudes in excess of 100km. It focusses on providing more flexible and more cost effective access to microgravity environments to facilitate commercial research and testing.

The Company has an enviable track record in service innovation and new product development, with Intellectual Property assets that include proprietary hybrid rocket motor designs and unique payload modules.

Raptor Aerospace operates from a former RAF airbase in East Anglia and lies at the heart of the UK government’s mission to secure 10% of the global space market by 2030.