About Us

Raptor Aerospace Ltd was incorporated in 2018.

It is an aerospace engineering company specialising in the design and development of Suborbital Rockets providing space access and microgravity research and testing facilities to traditional and ‘New-Space’ markets. During its comparatively short history it has already past a number of important milestones including:

  • Developing and commercially flying Kestrel series sounding rockets.
  • Developing and testing variations of NOX hybrid rocket engines.
  • Developing and flight testing a sub-scale high altitude sounding rocket.
  • Developing the hardware and software for an integrated environmental sensor payload system.
  • Providing and managing launch services for a UK Space Agency sponsored academic space challenge.

Raptor Aerospace has successfully completed several commercial launches servicing a broad client base, for both public and private sector customers. It has also forged key relationships with the UK’s nascent Spaceports, the UK Space Agency, ESA, regional and national government, and a number of leading launch brokers in the UK and Europe.