Raptor Aerospace work with clients to turn a launch hardware brief into a functional and safety focused design. By conducting a site survey and determining the requirements of the facility Raptor create a bespoke solution with end-to-end project management to ensure that project is delivered.

Due to our agile working systems Raptor are able to react quickly to the demands of our clients, we are able to offer credibility and proof of concept to all parties, as new or fledgling space ports.

Raptor also deliver training packages as part of the infrastructure build to ensure that all operatives are able to conduct their duties with a full understanding of the facility. This achieves the following goals;

  • De-risking launch activity
  • Enables the site to offer a customer-centric launch facility
  • Achieves best practice
  • Ensures compliance with launch and rocketry regulation
  • Ensures a smooth and seamless service for the client
  • Conduct coherent and complete Risk Assessments
  • Repeatable, safe launches


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