Payload Services

Raptor are recognised as UK experts in microgravity testing having already facilitated launches for small payloads to relatively low altitudes using its Kestrel series of launch vehicles. The company is now building a range of testing services spanning the full spectrum of potential requirements for the Old-Space and New-Space sectors, and it anticipates its new Halcyon system will be especially disruptive in the atmospheric research and testing market.

Halcyon utilises cutting edge technology to offer longer duration and higher quality microgravity than can be offered through either drop-towers or parabolic aircraft flights, and for a fraction of the cost. The Kingfisher variant will provide approximately 15 seconds of stable microgravity while the unique Kookaburra variant offers around 15 seconds of consistent ‘partial’ gravity, making it the only system on Earth able to accurately simulate Martian or Lunar gravity for any extended period of time.